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Keep your hands clean and germ-free with our soap dispenser. Perfect for home or office use, our soap dispenser is an essential tool in maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of illness. Get yours today and protect your health. Auto, manual or elbow dispenser, three kinds pumps spray, foam, and drip, bag or bottle for choice to hold liquid……

Freshen up your small space effortlessly with our automatic fragrance dispenser. refillable water-based and gas tank optional, With a capacity of up to 100ml for or 300ml , our scent dispenser is perfect for small room20-60m³,LED and LCD display, also can be designed with romote-control……

Make a kind of vividness through fragrance a lasting impression, providing cleaniness a comfortable and pleasant fragrance space. Ultrasonic or air pump atomize the essential oil and release pretty fine and soft mist.Various specifications, coverage 20 to 8000m³. It is good chocie for aromatization in high-traffic public, like shopping mall, office buiding……

Cleanse and hydrate your air for a healthier and more comfortable living with our air purifier and humidifier. With advanced filtration technology and a built-in humidifier, our device removes impurities and adds moisture to your air. Breathe in fresher and more soothing air today with our powerful 2-in-1 appliance.

Just like other essential items in our wide range of restroom solutions, our commercial paper towel dispensers and sanitary napkin dispensers excel in providing you with a complete and thorough handwashing experience. Auto cutting, cent pull,  jumbo roll dispenser,V-folded paper dispenser,squre towel dispenser……

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With over 15 years experience in Hygiene Dispenser and Aroma Diffusers solutions, we have the knowledge and capabilities to provide customized products or total solution that meet you reuqirements

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We understand that part of being globally competitive is to provide continuous quality control and supervision. Our supervisors and managers are always on the lookout for minor glitches so that our level of quality is maintained from start to finish. 

We have  been copperating  for five years. They are trusted worthy partners and they have  made  me.

                    –Hector Aido

I had a great experience purchasing would higly recommend to anyone in need of reliable sanitiary wares.

                       -Henry Gardner

The reason that made me determinded to work with them all the time was their service attitude and I recognized them very much.

                     -Cliver Ranking

Not only a few simple products cooperation but to choose a long term professional product supplies, left us to professional and good impression.

                       -Calliope Grey


Please ignore the MOQ. It is our pleasure to be on service of you even a trial order. Support small order. .

kindly advise that please check the goods at first time after you receive. Some items  we support 1 year warranty.

Support OEM / ODM service,  with creative design and professional engineer team, no matter what develop in partnership or you develop alone, we will strictly abide by the contract agreement. We won't sell without perission if you develop alone. 

Usually, there are already in stock for regular items. The shippment could arrange within one week after payment.   Concering  customised  item ,  it will take 25working days around for full container. 

You 3D drawing or sample is greatful for us to design mould, please kindly send us if you have. From design mould  to the first sample, will takes 20dworking days around. If the finial  mould is not good, we support to return mould cost. 

Support FOB, CIF, DDP  service,  payment to our western Union, PayPal, bank account.ect


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