HME-5406 Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Rechargeable Automatic Gel Liquid Sanitizer Dispenser Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser,5-Level Adjustment Liquid Soap Dispenser for Kitchen, Bathroom,Sink,w/Lotion for Touchless Use

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HME-5406 Auto Soap / Sanitizer Dispenser









Liquid Discharge

spray / foam / drip



Product Details:

  1. 5-Level Adjustment of Liquid Soap, allowing for a custom dispensing experience.
  2. Low battery reminder design, reminding to recharge the battery.
  3. Intelligent power saving and sleep mode design extend battery life, one touch to wake-up.
  4. Suitable for alcohol gel hand sanitizer.(also for alcohol disinfectant water and Hypochlorous acid water, but without atomization effect)
  5. Spary: suitable for alcohol disinfectant water and hypochlorous acid water. wide-angle atomizing spray, evenly & savingly.
    Foam:  suitable for foam soap and diluted liquid such as hand cleanser, shower lotion, shampoo, facical cleanser, dishwashing liquid……after the soap is diluted foamed, the consumption of soap is greatly reduced. foamed soap, easy to wash, save water resources and time consumption.
    Drip :  suitable for alcohol gel hand sanitizer(also for alcohol disinfectant water and hypochlorous acid water, but the is no atomization effect.

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