HME-5408 Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser Rechargeable for Bathroom or Kitchen

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Product Details:

  1. Cute & Adorable design:cartoon duck to bring fun to the kids while they are washing their hands.
  2. Rechargeable, can be used after charging or directly plugged in. Low power warning, remind to recharge.
  3. Over-discharge protection circuit design prevents the battery being damaged due to not been charged for a long time.
  4. 5-level output adjustment.
  5. Suitable for foam soap and diluted liquid soap such as hand cleanser, shower lotion, shampoo, facial cleanser, dishwashing liquid… etc.
  6. Convenient -(automatic) hygienic(touchless) money-saving(use diluted liquid soap) water-saving(easy to rinse) time-saving(quick to rinse) less chemical pollute the earth.

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